The Information Technology Peer Group is designed to provide an in-depth, sophisticated forum for peer-to-peer discussion and member company presentation of key strategies, delving into both ongoing challenges as well as emerging technologies for CTOs, directors and senior IT managers.

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2019 Highlights

Over the last year, the Information Technology practice area had numerous insightful meetings for our members to take away proven, actionable ideas from recognized thought leaders and professional peers.

Check out some of the inspiring presentations, innovative strategies and best practices from the information technology 2019 learning events. More »

Upcoming 2020 Information Technology Practice Area Events
At a Glance

July 21 Information Technology Peer Group Web Meeting
UWEBC Business Best Practices & Emerging Technologies Conference
October 21 Information Technology Peer Group Web Meeting
November 18 Agile IT SIG Web Meeting
December 2 Information Technology Peer Group Web Meeting
*Event dates and topics subject to change.

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