The Information Technology Peer Group is designed to provide an in-depth, sophisticated forum for peer-to-peer discussion and member company presentation of key strategies, delving into both ongoing challenges as well as emerging technologies for CTOs, directors and senior IT managers.

Information Technology Peer Group Meeting 

Continuous Improvement within IT 
November 15, 2017 09:00 AM - 03:00 PM 
How can continuous improvement in IT help deliver better value to the organization? 

Continuous improvement (CI) is a fundamental goal of every professional, no matter what industry or field. It underscores our ability to innovate and change the way everything in our environment operates. However, studying, planning, implementing and evolving that improvement is not easily achieved and requires a level of discipline, rigor, commitment and resources that few organizations can spare in today's fast paced world. Thus, creating a philosophy and culture of constant, logical, and sustainable improvement throughout the organization at every level is critical for an organization to thrive, let alone survive in today's markets.

The November IT Peer Group will examine how organizations can continuously improve their business operations and processes in both a reactionary way to external environmental stimuli and in more systemic proactive ways. This meeting will bring together IT professionals and IT leaders who are passionate about changing and evolving not only the technologies, but also the business in ways to sustain itself in a globally competitive environment. The emphasis of this meeting will be on how IT as a functional area can continuously improve its services and processes to better serve the business and create a competitive advantage for the business. We will hear from member organizations that have implemented CI programs and how they are systematically bringing in incremental changes to positively impact the organization. This would be a terrific opportunity to network and connect with other IT professionals working on CI and learn from each other's experiences. Please join the UWEBC community for a very engaging and exciting discussion on how best to evolve and develop IT through rigorous exercises of introspection and planning.

Webcast Available: If you can't make it to the event in-person (or if in-person registration has reached capacity), you can still register to attend from your computer. This option allows you to view the presentations, while attending in person provides you with the opportunity to participate in break-out discussions, ask questions or take advantage of networking opportunities. To attend the webcast, click the "Register for webcast" button on this meeting's homepage. You will receive a confirmation email with the link to the webcast a week before the meeting.

Gordon Dining and Event Center, Second Floor 
Betsy Golomski, 608-262-1145, 

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