AGILE IT Special Interest Group

Leverage shared ideas, best practices and expertise on business intelligence and analytics.

The Agile IT Special Interest Group (SIG) offers a forum to interact, share opinions and expertise, and leverage experiences. The SIG will address a variety of topics and issues pertinent to the successful deployment and operation of Agile methodologies and practices within IT teams.

The objective of this SIG is to serve as an educational and professional resource, as well as a support platform and network for Agile team leads, coaches and product owners. It will allow participants to glean validated operational paradigms, ideas and best practices from other member companies and adopt them to their own Agile environments.

This SIG was created for individuals leading information technology-specific Agile teams within UWEBC member companies. If you would like to learn more about the Agile IT SIG , please review the SIG's charter document and/or contact IT Practice Director Cavinda Caldera at or 608-890-1291.

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Information Technology Special Interest Group Meeting 

Scaling Agile and Strategies to Manage WiP 
November 13, 2019 09:00 AM - 03:00 PM 
How can you effectively manage WiP and drive Agility across large enterprise-wide initiatives? 

More organizations are embracing and implementing the values found within the Agile manifesto as they realize the business value Agility can provide their organizations. As more and more teams move into iterative work models, tracking iteration progress and managing the flow of work, and especially coordination of work, becomes increasingly important and equally complex. The synchronization and management of work across large initiatives require a framework that is both robust and thorough, but also allows for flexibility and management of uncertainty in complex work products that have some degree of dependencies. A number of scaling frameworks like SAFe, LeSS, Nexus and DaD have been introduced accompanied with defined roles and a new lexicon to help organizations have a singular vision of how Agility should be scaled. While these frameworks have proven to be effective, the implementations have been unique at most organizations.

A closely related concept, and one that has a direct impact on scaling Agile is WiP (Work in Progress). Most organizations have struggled to effectively address and manage WiP. Addressing WiP can create a culture of “done” where issues around bottlenecks and resource limitations are quickly identified and resolved without creating downstream impact. However, implementing WiP limits and ensuring all teams adhere to them is more easily said than done.

The November 13 Agile IT Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting will address both Scaling Agile Frameworks, and best approaches to managing WiP. Please join your peers from across Wisconsin to share, explore and learn how to more effectively promote Agility within your own organization. This will be an exceptional networking and learning opportunity for Agile practitioners, coaches, team leads and also those IT leaders with responsibilities in program, product and platform management.

Gordon Dining and Event Center, Second Floor 
Events Team, 608-262-1145, 

Steering Committee

Brad Bella
Director, Information Technology
ORBIS Corporation
Shawn Belling
Adjunct Instructor – Project Management
Unviersity of Wisconsin-Madison
Terri Rundell
Lean/Agile Leader
Northwestern Mutual
Renee Vogt
Product Lifecycle Manager
American Family Insurance
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