E-Retailer Special Interest Group Meeting 

E-commerce Acquisition Strategies and Tactics 
March 04, 2020 09:00 AM - 03:00 PM 
Share and learn new approaches for acquiring customers across traditional digital channels, including email, mobile, social, sites, search and affiliates, plus new digital opportunities, such as voice, podcasts and OTT. 

The E- Retailer Special Interest Group is a collaborative learning community for individuals who lead and execute digital marketing and e-commerce within companies whose:

  • Dominant share of sales and revenue comes from e-commerce.
  • Sales are mostly driven by physical goods.
  • E-commerce activity is supported with traditional catalog and/or direct mail.

This is a peer-led discussion group, so please come prepared to share your experiences (tools, tests and approaches) and insights (lessons learned and guidance for others). At this meeting, we will build off of our February search-focused peer event, by expanding the acquisition conversation to cover all digital channels and strategies. Some of the topics in play include:

  • A discussion of 2019 successes and challenges
  • Amazon and other partner plans and options
  • Prioritization of spend and acquisition resources
  • Emerging channel plans - Voice, OTT, and more.

Pyle Center 
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