Product Management Special Interest Group Virtual Meeting 

Adopting a Product-Led Growth Strategy 
June 23, 2022 09:00 AM - 11:00 AM 
Learn how fellow members organizations are implementing product-led growth strategies dialed-in for their customers and markets 

Product-led growth is building a company and driving growth through a product that solves real customer problems. Understanding customers’ needs and pains, driving to build a product that solves those pains, and then aligning the company to support the product and mission.

Companies that adopt a product-led growth strategy do everything possible to make their product the best out there. They take on customer feedback and actively create new features based upon what their users are asking for—they're 100% customer-centric.

It starts with building a great product that users love and empowering those users to progress through acquisition, conversion, and expansion while reducing dependence on paid media and high-touch interactions. And while product experience is the focal point, PLG principles apply not only for your product development teams, but also for sales, marketing, support, and any other teams connecting with users and fueling your company’s growth.

PLG is not a one-size-fits-all approach — some tactics will be more effective than others depending on your product and market. We will hear from member companies who will share their journey and explore five common elements of PLG strategies:

  • Minimizing effort required for new users to receive value
  • Leveraging existing users to attract new ones
  • Optimizing purchasing experiences for self-serve
  • Defining success and informing decisions with product data
  • Establishing company-wide culture and practices

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