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Information Technology Peer Group Web Meeting 

Building and Maintaining a Composable E-Commerce Platform 
September 22, 2021 09:00 AM - 11:00 AM 
Join us to learn best practices on building and maintaining a sustainable e-commerce platform that allows for personalization and integration across your technology stack. 

By 2023, Gartner predicts that organizations that have adopted a composable approach will outpace competition by 80% in the speed of new feature implementation. In this session learn how to build an efficient and customer-friendly e-commerce experience by leveraging the JAMstack (JavaScript, APIs, Markup) to get blazing fast site performance, faster time to market and one place to create and maintain your different web and app stacks.

In this IT Peer Group event, you will have an exceptional opportunity to think through your challenges and new ideas with subject matter experts and peer IT leaders. You will take away valuable insights to build a playbook of implementable strategies and action plans.

Participate in Customizing the Agenda: Please play an active part in shaping the agenda for this session – and to maximize its relevance for you – by sharing your questions in advance. In addition, we hope you will come prepared to share your questions, challenges and insights!

Agenda Items:
9:00 AM Opening Remarks
9:20 AM How Sentry Insurance Leverages a Composable Architecture to Accelerate Personalization
  Trent Dudei, Software Development Manager at Sentry Insurance

9:40 AM Future Fit Your Digital Experience Platform
  Lars Petersen, Co-Founder of Uniform

Future-fit your digital experience platform

The bar for delivering relevant and engaging digital experiences continues to rise. Page speed is now a primary factor in Google page ranking, causing organizations to rethink their SEO strategies. Organizations need a coherent omnichannel strategy to connect with customers where they are.

If anyone was in doubt of this before, the global pandemic shows that enterprises must be agile in order to adapt to rapidly changing events on the ground.

However, many enterprises feel locked into technology that has not risen to these challenges. Organizations are spending a lot of money to try to adapt their current digital experience tools (CMS, Commerce etc.) to the current reality, but the underlying technology is often a limiting factor, as these monolithic systems were not designed for speed, omni-channel delivery or agility.

This is leaving an increasing number of IT leaders wondering where to go from here.

Join this session to learn how a new generation of technology can help solve these challenges without requiring the wholesale replacement of your existing technology stack.

This session will cover current trends in digital experience management and how architectures like MACH (Microservices, APIs, Cloud-native and Headless) are enabling enterprises to deliver the relevant and engaging digital experiences their customers demand.

10:50 AM Concluding Remarks
11:00 AM Adjourn
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