B2B Customer Service Senior Leaders Virtual Huddle 

Planning for a "New Normal" for Customer Service Operations in the Wake of COVID-19 
July 30, 2020 12:00 PM - 01:30 PM 
Share and discuss issues impacting B2B customer service organizations and operations during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis with fellow senior service leaders from UWEBC member companies. 

The health and safety of our members is the UWEBC’s top priority. UW–Madison is monitoring the COVID-19 situation in collaboration with local, state and federal agencies. Based on campus' guidance, this meeting will be held via web only to allow our members a convenient and safe way to attend.

The unprecedented events of the COVID-19 pandemic have disrupted customer care operations for most companies. While many customer service organizations had some level of business continuity plan in place prior to the crisis, there is simply no playbook for responding to the magnitude of the situation we are now experiencing. We are all learning to navigate the emerging “new normal” together – as a community of leaders entrusted with caring for our companies’ customers and our team members. The UWEBC B2B customer service senior leader community is a very practical resource for collaborative learning at a time like this – a trusted network for sourcing ideas from outside the walls of your own organization, as well as a sounding board for approaches you might be considering.

During this period when we are unable to come together in person, the UWEBC’s Customer Service Practice Roger Paulson will be hosting periodic virtual meetups of senior B2B service leaders. The huddles will be an “open channel” for participants to share and discuss current and emerging issues with an eye to tapping into the ideas, experiences and approaches of other leaders.

Topics of discussion will be solicited in advance of the huddle. (however, if you know a topic right now that you want to be sure gets discussed, please feel free to email it to roger.paulson@uwebc.wisc.edu)

Please join us for this virtual huddle. Your perspective and experience would be very much valued by the group.

To ensure true peer-to-peer interaction, we limit the invitations to senior leaders of B2B customer service organizations only. Therefore, we ask that you please do not forward this invitation to others.

Events Team, , events@uwebc.wisc.edu 
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