Product Management Special Interest Group Web Meeting 

Does Your Company Have a Platform Strategy? Perhaps it Should 
September 23, 2021 09:00 AM - 11:30 AM 
Learn what it takes to implement a bold, transformative vision for a marketplace platform. This meeting will be held via web only. 

In the past decade, digital platforms have significantly reorganized markets and industries and redefined the dynamics of value creation and competition. Given that platforms are dominated by tech giants like Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft it is natural for the average company to question how they can possibly compete.  Companies are being forced to rethink longstanding business models.

How might your organization harness the network effects within your industry? Companies are now looking beyond just selling products and services to building networked ecosystems that enable others — including their customers, suppliers, and partners — to create value.

To better understand this new competitive reality and discover best practices, we will hear from Adam Gerety, VP of Platform Operations at Jewelers Mutual regarding their new platform, Zing. We will also hear from Xometry’s Greg Paulsen, Director of Application Engineering on building a roadmap for technology and partnerships. Xometry is a manufacturing services platform of 5,000 suppliers building parts from prototyping and production.

The bottom line: Whether motivated by fear of being left behind or thirst for new opportunities, the platform play is here to stay.

We will explore:

  • What investments in partnerships and ecosystems are required to make a platform strategy a reality?
  • How might you think about your company’s culture and the transition to a platform company?
  • How your company’s expertise, strong relationships with customers, and willingness to collaborate can generate new revenue streams in the form of data-fueled “smart” services.

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Agenda Items:
9:00 AM Opening Remarks and Plan for the Morning
9:15 AM Member Practice Spotlight -- Jewelers Mutual Group's Zing Platform
  Adam Gerety, Vice President of Platform Operations, will discuss how their new platform, Zing, was conceived and brought to life. We will explore how the modular approach to the design of the Zing platform enables rapid iteration and learning. Adam will share how Jewelers Mutual thinks about services, partners and customers on the platform.
9:55 AM A Look at Xometry -- a Manufacturing Services Platform
  Greg Paulsen will discuss the genesis of the Xometry platform offering manufacturing services to design engineers and product manufacturers. He will discuss the unique requirements of a platform for services exploring the customer journey from quote requests, to production updates, shipping and payment. We will discuss how the organization selected which services to offer on the platform, how they were prioritized, and how they went about signing-up service partners.
10:25 AM Break
10:35 AM Breakout Session
10:55 AM Breakout Group Report Out
11:15 AM Closing Remarks and Wrap-Up
11:30 AM Adjourn
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