Procurement Peer Group Web Meeting 

Demand Planning in a Time of Uncertainty 
March 17, 2021 09:00 AM - 10:30 AM 
With historical data out the window for 2020, learn how others coped in formalizing their demand plans for 2021 and beyond. This meeting will be held via web only. 

The health and safety of our members is the UWEBC’s top priority. UW–Madison is monitoring the COVID-19 situation in collaboration with local, state and federal agencies. Based on campus' guidance, this meeting will be held via web only to allow our members a convenient and safe way to attend.

As we all learned, the biggest disruption to the supply chain (second to the human toll) was the uncertainty of the demand plan. This had consequences on your own supply lines but caused market uncertainty with pricing, suppliers, customers and the logistics network to name a few. This has led to inventory imbalances, product shortages, longer lead times and rising costs. Frankly, if there is a member that is going into 2021 with a perfectly aligned sales plan to availability, they are keeping it quiet, as this is a major challenge still affecting a majority of our members.

Professor Enno Siemsen, from the Wisconsin School of Business, will join us to discuss how forecasting models react to structural shifts in the data, and what supply chain measures are available as demand becomes less stable and more uncertain. We will follow Enno's talk with panel of members from Oshkosh, Master Lock and Kohler discussing how they have reacted to this shift.

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Agenda Items:
9:00 AM Welcome and Introductions
9:05 AM Forecasting Models and Measures to Take in an Unstable Market
  Professor Enno Siemsen, Associate Dean for MBA and MS Programs at UW-Madison
10:00 AM Panel Discussion & Questions
  We will put your questions to Sean Ketter from Oshkosh Corporation, Leah Westphal from Masterlock, and Caitlin Acosta from Kohler.
10:30 AM Adjourn
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UW–Madison is monitoring the COVID-19 situation in collaboration with local, state and federal agencies. Based on the campus’ guidance, the UWEBC will be adjusting our events to web for the foreseeable future..

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