Agile IT Special Interest Group Meeting 

Decomposing User Stories and Managing the Customer Experience with Agile Delivery 
April 26, 2017 09:00 AM - 03:00 PM 
What are the best ways to manage customer and user expereince within Agile and how best to decompose user stories? 

The Agile IT Special Interest Group offers a forum for those individuals leading Agile teams within UWEBC member companies to interact, share opinions and expertise, and leverage each other’s experiences. The SIG will address a variety of topics and issues pertinent to the successful deployment and operation of Agile methodologies and practices within IT teams. The objective of the SIG is to serve as an educational and professional resource, a support platform and networking opportunity for Agile team leads, coaches, and product owners with experience of running Agile teams. The SIG will allow participants to glean validated operational paradigms, ideas and best practices from other member companies and adopt them to their own Agile environments.

The fifth meeting of the SIG will address the following two topics:

  1. Decomposing User Stories.
  2. Managing the Customer Experience with Agile Delivery Methodology.

This meeting will give attendees the opportunity to not only hear from practitioners with many years of experience running Agile environments, but also actively engage in discussion amongst Agile leaders on how best to deliver value using an Agile framework. The meeting will include discussions and presentations led by recognized Agile coaches and case studies by Agile team leads and practitioners from consortium member companies.

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