Human Resources Executives Special Interest Group 

How HR Can Enable Digital Business Transformation 
March 28, 2019 09:00 AM - 03:00 PM 
Learn about HR approaches, challenges and lessons learned in enabling digital transformation across the organization. 

Digital transformation is happening across today’s organizations at a rapid pace and HR is being asked to play a pivotal role in its success. The evolving digital workplace can have a significant impact on employee motivation, development, engagement and emotional wellness, and ultimately overall business success. Join us to learn about how HR is stepping up to address the demands of digital transformation, and take away valuable insights from successful approaches and lessons learned in other organizations.

Our day will begin with a presentation by Renée Vogt, Product Planning Program and Lifecycle Lead for American Family Insurance: "The New Agile Partner: Amplifying the Role of HR in the Agile Journey." In this session, Renée will discuss the key role HR can play in supporting, driving and facilitating the change management as part of an agile transformation. Renée has been part of several teams leading transition and transformation in the world of “agile fusion” within larger organizations, across different industries. While agile practices can be prescribed and performed, the true benefit of bringing any form of agile into an organization is in the art of helping your company identify and foster the right behaviors that allow agile to flourish and succeed. During this session, we will uncover the variations in this agile canvas, and how you can help your employees navigate this new space more effectively.

Topics in Renée's presentation include:

  • Understanding what is Agile and what are agile practices
  • Demystifying the myriad of “agile approaches”
  • Identifying why facilitating change in an agile transformation feels different
  • A glance into key roles that can help drive Agile’s success in an organization
  • Providing insight into the valuable role HR can play as they help employees manage this transition

In the afternoon, Ryan Dull, CEO of Sagemark HR, will lead a session on “Leading a Digital Transformation in Recruiting.” Ryan and his firm have worked with many organizations such as Comcast, 3M, Ally Financial and Stryker Medical to help build out custom recruiting technology roadmaps that enable digital transformation.

During this session, you will hear an overview of the current recruiting and technology landscape, examples of traditional vs. digital recruiting practices and some of the most common challenges / mistakes of a digital transformation. In addition, you will have an opportunity to learn a simple approach to conduct a recruiting technology needs analysis and apply it to complete an initial draft for your organization.

Topics in Ryan's presentation include:

  • Reviewing “traditional” vs digital recruiting practices
  • Most common challenges and mistakes with digital recruiting and how to avoid them
  • How to complete a simple needs analysis for TA technology – a critical first step
  • A systematic approach to build a successful technology roadmap for TA

Pre-Work Options

For those interested, we would like to suggest a few short articles to read prior to the meeting to help you get the most value from the session:

Can HR Become Agile? (Harvard Business Review short 3-part article set)

Recruiting Tech Stack: Yes, It's a Thing.

5 Recruitment Software Myths BUSTED

So, Your Work Isn't Scalable

Who Should Attend: The HR Executives SIG is limited to HR directors and VP's at UWEBC member companies. Lower level managers and/or knowledge experts may attend if accompanied by a director or VP from their company. For questions or to learn more about the HR Executives SIG, please contact Beth de Garcia.

Agenda Items:
9:00 AM Welcome and Introductions
9:30 AM The New Agile Partner: Amplifying the Role of HR in the Agile Journey (Part 1)
  Renee Vogt - Product Planning, Program and Lifecycle Lead, American Family Insurance
10:30 AM Break
11:00 AM The New Agile Partner: Amplifying the Role of HR in the Agile Journey (Part 2)
12:00 PM Lunch
12:45 PM Leading a Digital Transformation in Recruiting
  Ryan Dull - Founder and CEO, Sagemark HR
1:30 PM Break
1:40 PM Exercise: Needs Analysis Based Off Debrief at Tables
2:15 PM Report Out : Discuss Common Challenges and Opportunities
2:50 PM Wrap Up and Closing Remarks
3:00 PM Adjourn
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