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Marketing Peer Group Hybrid Meeting 

The Secret to Agile Marketing to Achieve Marketing Excellence 
October 18, 2022 09:00 AM - 02:00 PM 
A roadmap for successful integration of agile in marketing 

Changes in the way customers shop, accompanied by an explosion of customer touchpoints and fast-changing competitive and technological dynamics, have led to an increased emphasis on agile marketing. At a conceptual level, marketing agility refers to the extent to which an entity rapidly iterates between making sense of the market and executing marketing decisions to adapt to the market. In a time of great complexity and uncertainty, agile principles help reduce risk by iterating through “smaller bets.”

We are incredibly fortunate to have guest speaker, Andrea Fryrear, CEO and Co-Founder of AgileSherpas joining us in-person in Madison to share her thought leadership on successfully adopting and scaling agile methodologies to marketing departments. We encourage you to join us in-person for this unique opportunity to spend time with arguably the most important voice agile marketing today.

Adopting and applying agile methodology to marketing is different from how we see it applied by our IT partners. As reflected by the high level of interest in the business press, Agile Marketing is quickly becoming corporate jargon. Yet, as with other organizational fads there is a risk that firms will adopt the trappings of agile but not its essence thereby creating an illusory sense of progress.

What does it really mean to be an agile marketing organization? How do you adopt, adapt, and acclimate to the challenges facing modern marketers? And how do you drive the organizational change needed to make your efforts successful? We will also explore criteria to assess whether a particular marketing activity is likely to benefit from agile.

Implementing agile in marketing is not without its challenges. Marketing leaders need to think about ensuring brand consistency, scaling agile across the marketing ecosystem, managing data privacy concerns, and hiring marketing leaders. The technological infrastructure is also a critical factor to successfully applying agile from access to data, the tools to analyze it, as well as workflow tools to provide transparency to the status of work.

No matter the size of your company, vertical, or use case, if you're looking to adopt an agile approach—or want to improve what you have in place already—this event is for you.

Join us to explore:

  • What it truly means to "go agile"
  • What works—and what doesn't—in agile marketing
  • How to drive the organizational change needed to help your teams be successful

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Agenda Items:
8:30 AM Optional Networking (Onsite & Virtual)
9:00 AM Opening Remarks
9:10 AM Icebreaker
  No cheesy exercises. An opportunity for you to meet a few of your peers before the presentation. This is a chance to build your professional network and share your experience applying the agile methodology to marketing.
9:30 AM Unexpected Agility: Why the Key to High Performance Marketing Lies with People
  Marketing desperately needs agility, yet few of us apply Agile practices to our marketing work. What if the things we’re trying to fix -- our projects -- are holding us back? Join Agile marketing pioneer and 15-year digital marketer Andrea Fryreer, CEO & Co-Founder of AgileSherpas, as she explains why it’s teams, not projects, that hold the key to lasting marketing agility.
10:20 AM Break
10:30 AM Member Practice Spotlight -- Laughlin Constable on Applying Agile to Agency Operations
  For companies using agile marketing practices, work with third-party vendors such as their agency partners has been an area they shy away from extending agile. Getting teams from different organizations to align and adopt agile practices has historically been seen as too complex. What happens when an agency flips-the-script by adopting agile and invites their clients along? We will explore why Laughlin Constable adopted agile methodologies, how they are managing the rollout and how it is improving engagement with clients.
11:10 AM Member Practice Spotlight -- Master Lock on Conditions for Successfully Launching Agile Marketing
  The Master Lock Company adopted agile methodologies in their e-commerce operations earlier this year. Aquiles Flores, Director of E-Commerce, will share how his area transitioned into agile practices, what some of their early successes have been, as well as perspective on conditions for success.
11:40 AM Breakout Discussion Groups (Virtual Attendees)
  This is where the magic of the day happens. In small groups this is your chance to share important takeaways, seek clarification, and hear what others found helpful.
12:00 PM Virtual Meeting Adjourns
12:01 PM In-Person Attendees -- Lunch
12:45 PM In Person Attendees -- Reconvene for Afternoon Breakout Discussions
12:55 PM In Person Attendees -- Breakout Discussion Session 1
1:25 PM In-Person Attendees -- Breakout Discussion Session 2
1:50 PM In-Person Attendees -- Closing Remarks and Wrap-Up
2:00 PM In-Person Attendees -- Adjourn
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