Marketing Peer Group Web Meeting 

Website Usability and User Experience 
May 12, 2021 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM 
Testing Usability and the Customer Experience on Your Website from Emotion to Accessibility This meeting will be held via web only. 

The health and safety of our members is the UWEBC’s top priority. UW–Madison is monitoring the COVID-19 situation in collaboration with local, state and federal agencies. Based on campus' guidance, this meeting will be held via web only to allow our members a convenient and safe way to attend.

Testing. Testing. Testing. We will explore the challenges and resources to gain better insight into how customers truly experience our websites.

You completed your customer research. Created empathic customer journey maps. Then built out your website for what you think is a great experience. You have a team measuring site traffic using your favorite analytics platform and everything seems to be working fine. Or is it? Are the reports giving you reliable insight into how customers experience their journey on your website? We will have a guest from User Testing to explore how companies can remotely capture customer insights to uncover what customers truly believe via their comments and expressions.

We will also explore website accessibility and inclusiveness. How can you test your website to ensure all customers have the same world class experience? We will have a special Member Spotlight focusing on accessibility for disabled web visitors. Accessibility testing is a particular challenge as there are no standards for accessibility design. We will explore how one member company is taking a leadership role in adopting policy, design patterns and testing to ensure accessibility.

We will then have a panel discussion to explore your questions on Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant web design and testing for accessibility.

Agenda Items:
9:00 AM Opening Remarks and Plan for the Morning
9:15 AM Remote Testing of Customer Experience
  Michael Clifford, Sr. User Researcher from User Testing, will share what they have been learning from the testing their customers have been performing. Michael will also share examples of how their remote testing platform affords the ability to capture a sense of emotional response and unprompted commentary as users navigate websites.
9:55 AM Member Practice Spotlight -- CUNA Mutual Group's Journey to Toward Accessible Web Design
  Bob Moritz, E-Commerce Director for CUNA Mutual Group, will share their journey for digital accessibility from design to external testing to validate the customer experience.
10:25 AM Break
10:30 AM Design For Accessibility Panel Discussion
  Representatives from CUNA Mutual Group and Level Access, a web accessibility testing service, will address your questions about how to begin, implement and test your website's accessibility.
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UW–Madison is monitoring the COVID-19 situation in collaboration with local, state and federal agencies. Based on the campus’ guidance, the UWEBC will be adjusting our events to web for the foreseeable future..

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