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Customer Service Peer Group Hybrid Meeting 

Approaches to Onboarding and Training New Customer Care Team Members 
June 16, 2022 09:00 AM - 02:00 PM 
Learn valuable strategies to bring new customer care team members into your culture and prepare them to be your best performers. 

Onboarding and training are the first opportunities you get to truly cement the foundation of your culture with your new customer care team members. The investment in this practice, or lack thereof, can have implications on how well cared for your team feels and the experience that then carries forward to your customers.

New hires tend to be highly engaged, what the situational leadership model denotes as "unable, but confident or willing". How do you leverage that engagement, that willingness and confidence, to align your new customer care team members with your organizations mission, and help them build the abilities needed to achieve it? Success relies on more than technology, there is a balance that must exist between the knowledge being presented, and the way it is presented. The onboarding process must instill understanding and clarity about not just their own role and responsibilities, but those they will work closest within the organization. What expectations should they have for their manager, mentor, and peers now and going forward.

This is not an easy task but is arguably one of the most important. Each new customer care team member has their own unique experiences, learning style, skill sets and motivators which means flexibility in the process is not just expected, but necessary. This can further exaggerate the difficulty of this process, but the payoff is a team that believes in what they do, understands the value of their work, brings unique insights to your company, and follows your lead, putting a priority on working with those who are different from themselves. That is an asset that only increases in value over time.

Join us to learn from the experiences of others and share your experiences with your peers! Together we can improve the onboarding and training experiences in each of our organizations whether you train in person or in virtual. We look forward to learning together with you!

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Agenda Items:
8:30 AM Optional Networking
  Onsite & Virtual unless otherwise stated
9:00 AM Opening Remarks/Introductions
9:20 AM Member Practice Spotlight on Virtual Training for New Team Members featuring WPS
10:00 AM Break
10:10 AM Member Practice Spotlight on In-Person Training of New Team Members featuring ORBIS
10:50 AM 10 Tips for Effective Onboarding with Julie Younkin
11:10 AM Breakout Discussion
  Virtual Attendees Only
11:10 AM Develop Breakout Topic Agenda
  Onsite Attendees Only
11:30 AM Lunch
  Onsite Attendees Only
11:55 AM Closing Remarks & Wrap-up
  Virtual Attendees Only
12:00 PM Adjourn
  Virtual Attendees Only
12:15 PM Breakout Discussion: Session One
  Onsite Attendees Only
1:00 PM Breakout Discussion: SessionTwo
  Onsite Attendees Only
1:45 PM Closing Remarks & Wrap-up
  Onsite Attendees Only
2:00 PM Adjourn
  Onsite Attendees Only
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