Customer Service Peer Group Web Meeting 

Managing Remote Customer Care Team Members 
August 19, 2021 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM 
Get actionable ideas for enhancing the performance and engagement of your work-from-home employees by learning about, discussing and comparing practices with fellow UWEBC members. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, most customer care organizations were impelled to transition to a work-from-home (WFH) model to remain operational and ensure the safety of employees – many with little or no experience managing remote team members. For a good number of these organizations, the results have been mostly positive and, having experienced the advantages that remote working offers in cost savings and convenience to themselves and to employees, they have set upon a course to make some degree of WFH a permanent fixture of their staffing strategies going forward.

It's one thing, however, to "get it done" in the throes of necessity and another to "do it well" in order to ensure a sustainable WFH strategy. Because, alongside the benefits of remote working for both parties, there are some very real challenges for managers and supervisors responsible for keeping their WFH employees engaged and productive long-term. How to maintain the "connection" that is vital to the employee/supervisor relationship? How to elicit a high level of effort and performance without being demotivating? How to develop employees working remotely? These are all questions managers and supervisors who are still relatively new to working with remote team members face as they look to continue improving customer and employee experiences – and achieve great results for their businesses..

Join us for this interactive forum to learn about and discuss strategies and practices for effectively managing remote teams. We'll start with Member Practice Spotlight presentations from customer care leaders at UWEBC member companies Demco, J.J. Keller & Associates and VF Corporation. Then, you'll have the opportunity to gain additional insight and ideas by discussing challenges and comparing practices on a particular angle of the topic of interest to you in a breakout discussion with peers from other care organizations.


Agenda Items:
9:00 AM Opening Remarks and Plan for the Morning
  Roger Paulson – UWEBC Customer Care Practice Director
9:20 AM Member Practice Spotlight: Demco
  Mike Wygocki – Executive Director, Customer Success
9:55 AM Member Practice Spotlight: VF Corporation

Carmella Uptagraft – Senior Manager, Wholesale Customer Service
Jaime Krueger – Manager, eCommerce Customer Service
Erin Dunlavy – Manager, Customer Service Training

10:30 AM Break
10:40 AM Member Practice Spotlight: J.J. Keller & Associates
  Jennifer Morton – Manager, Technology Solutions Client Services
11:15 AM Breakout Discussions Instructions
11:20 AM Breakout Discussions
11:55 AM Closing Remarks and Wrap-Up
12:00 PM Adjourn
Events Team, , 


UW–Madison is monitoring the COVID-19 situation in collaboration with local, state and federal agencies. Based on the campus’ guidance, the UWEBC will be adjusting our events to web for the foreseeable future..

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