Customer Service Peer Group Meeting 

Leveraging Insights From Contact Center Interaction Data to Improve Customer Experience 
November 16, 2017 09:00 AM - 03:00 PM 
Take away new ideas for getting the most benefit from data collected during contact center interactions by comparing practices with other UWEBC member companies. 

Customer interactions with contact centers generate a rich vein of data that can be mined for invaluable insights for both the customer service organization and the broader enterprise. Potential sources of this data include post-call surveys, recorded interactions, ACD systems and agents themselves. Enabling the collection of data from sources like these, however, is just the first step in realizing the incredible potential for valuable insights made possible by today's customer contact hubs. It is, of course, also critical to have effective tools, methods and processes for analysis, dissemination and follow-through in place.

Join us for this session at which we'll discuss approaches and experiences with respect to tapping into data collected in the course of customer interactions for actionable insights that can be used by companies and contact centers to improve customer experience. What data sources are contact centers utilizing or exploring today? How are they analyzing the data? What are their processes for sharing insights inside and outside of their contact centers – and for leveraging those insights to drive improvements? UWEBC member companies American Family Insurance, Harley-Davidson and WEA Trust will share and discuss their approaches. Then you’ll have the opportunity to compare practices with other contact centers around these and other aspects of getting the most value from customer interaction data.

Participate in Customizing the Agenda: You’ll have the chance to play an active part in shaping the agenda for this session – and to maximize its relevance for you – by suggesting and selecting topics for break-out discussions. Once the agenda is complete, you choose the discussions you want to join. This will be a highly interactive session so come prepared to share your questions, challenges and insights!

Webcast Available: If you can't make it to the event in-person (or if in-person registration has reached capacity), you can still register to watch and listen from your computer. This option allows you to view the presentations, while attending in person provides you with the opportunity to participate in break-out discussions, ask questions or take advantage of networking opportunities. To attend the webcast, click the "Register for webcast" button on this meeting's homepage. You will receive a confirmation email with the link to the webcast a week before the meeting.

Agenda Items:
9:00 AM Continental Breakfast & Networking (not webcast)
9:30 AM Preliminaries, Opening Remarks and Plan for the Day (webcast available)
9:50 AM Member Practice Spotlight: American Family Insurance (webcast available)
  Angie Bloyer – Customer Experience Analyst
10:20 AM Member Practice Spotlight: Harley-Davidson (webcast available)
  Jim Middlebrook – Enterprise Contact Center Senior Manager, Maggie Thompson – Contact Center Analytics Specialist, Kyle Konieczka – Dealer Contact Center Manager
10:50 AM Break (not webcast)
11:00 AM Member Practice Spotlight: WEA Trust (webcast available)
  Anita Ashland – Customer Experience Analyst
11:30 AM Develop Agenda for Breakout Discussions (not webcast)
11:50 AM Lunch (not webcast)
12:30 PM Breakout Discussion Instructions (not webcast)
12:40 PM Breakout Discussions – Segment 1 (not webcast)
1:20 PM Breakout Discussions – Segment 2 (not webcast)
2:00 PM Breakout Discussions – Segment 3 (not webcast)
2:40 PM Regroup for Takeaways/Actionable Ideas and Wrap Up (not webcast)
3:00 PM Adjourn (not webcast)
Gordon Dining and Event Center, Second Floor 
Betsy Golomski, 608-262-1145, 

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