Customer Service Peer Group Web Meeting 

Supporting the Email Channel: Approaches to Challenges Around Workflow, Efficiency, Response Time Management and Quality Monitoring 
June 04, 2020 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM 
Glean new ideas for improving how your customer care organization handles customer email. 

The health and safety of our members is the UWEBC’s top priority. UW–Madison is monitoring the COVID-19 situation in collaboration with local, state and federal agencies. Based on campus' guidance, the June 4 Customer Service Peer Group meeting will take place as a web event (in an abbreviated format) to allow our members a convenient and safe way to attend.

Despite some predictions of its demise when social media and live chat came on the scene years ago, email continues to be an important channel for many customer service and support organizations. While time will tell if it will eventually be supplanted by more real-time digital channels, many customers today still prefer email in certain instances – particularly those that do not require an immediate response or for which having a "paper trail" is deemed beneficial.

Yet, despite this, many contact centers wrestle with providing email support efficiently and effectively. That is because designing and managing an email support capability in a way that both delivers the experience customers want and that optimizes the resources required to deliver that experience is not a slam-dunk proposition. Even with years of experience under their belts, it is not uncommon for service organizations to be challenged by categorizing, prioritizing, routing, composing responses efficiently, managing service level performance and/or monitoring the quality of email communications.

Join us for this live web session during which you'll have the opportunity to learn about approaches customer care organizations have taken to different aspects of managing the email support channel. We'll begin the session by hearing the perspective of UWEBC member company EDCi, a top contact center technology integrator and process advisory services firm with expertise in the email domain, around common email challenges and recommendations for overcoming them. Afterwards, we'll learn about the email management practices of several other UWEBC member companies (both B2B and B2C) in a panel discussion/interview segment. (After clicking the Register for Webcast button, you'll be offered the opportunity to submit questions you would like to pose to EDCi and panel discussion organizations. Please do that, as we would like to ask as many participant questions as we can!)

Agenda Items:
9:00 AM Welcome and Opening Remarks
9:15 AM SME Insight: EDCi
  Jake Beyer – Director, Customer Care
10:00 AM Q&A with EDCi
10:20 AM Break
10:30 AM Practitioner "Fishbowl" Discussion
  Tim Fischer – Founder & Principal Consultant, Kat Lan Tat Services

Mary Klett – Customer Support Manager, Palmer Johnson Power Systems

Jaime Krueger – E-commerce Manager, VF Corporation

Marc Tozzi – Global Customer Care Operations Manager, Rockwell Automation

11:30 AM Q&A with Practitioner Panelists
11:50 AM Closing Remarks
12:00 PM Adjourn
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UW–Madison is monitoring the COVID-19 situation in collaboration with local, state and federal agencies. Based on the campus’ guidance, the UWEBC will be adjusting our events scheduled through 2020.

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