Agile IT Special Interest Group Meeting 

Agile Budgeting and Organizational Changes That Promote Agility 
August 21, 2019 09:00 AM - 03:00 PM 
Discover how your organization can create Agile oriented budgets and make structural changes that can help with the adoption of agility. 

Agile is a tested and proven methodology that helps organizations adapt and change efficiently and effectively in the face of ambiguous and turbulent environments. Most organizations have seen the business value of adopting Agile across a variety of areas. Despite its popularity, few organizations have made the necessary structural adaptations to make Agile more effective within the enterprise. Agile is still mostly implemented within siloed systems development environments, with very few organizational changes made to more formally adopt it enterprise-wide.

The next Agile IT Special Interest Group (SIG) will examine two core facets of Agile adoption – Agile budgeting and organizational structures that is supportive towards Agility. Most organizations are committed to annualized budgeting and long-term resource allocations – approaches that doesn’t align well with the Agile philosophy. Creating budgeting mechanisms that are truly dynamic and reflective of the needs of the organization can help Agile teams deliver more effectively and provide better accountability for their efforts. As Agile becomes more pervasive within the enterprise, organizations should also create appropriate structures that accommodate such changes. For instance, HR focus could change from individual productivity to team productivity measures. Management approaches should also change to accommodate team dynamics, over managing an employee. Changing such structural attributes within the enterprise can help address some of the challenges that Agile teams encounter on a daily basis, and ensure productivity.

Please join your peers from across Wisconsin to share, explore and learn how to more effectively develop Agile practices within your own organization. This will be an exceptional networking and learning opportunity for Agile practitioners, coaches, team leads and also those within finance, HR and executives roles who are interested in making Agility a priority within the organization.

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