Customer Service Peer Group Meeting 

Customer Experience Measurement and Actioning: Member Approaches to Collecting, Analyzing, Communicating and Using Customer Feedback 
February 18, 2020 09:00 AM - 03:00 PM 
Take away new ideas for collecting and leveraging customer experience feedback by comparing practices with other UWEBC member companies. 

In the hyper-competitive markets in which more and more companies find themselves today, customer growth and loyalty are increasingly being influenced by customers’ experiences using products/services, getting answers to questions that arise and resolving problems when they occur. Winning long-term on such a basis requires establishing a reliable customer experience assessment/measurement capability and effective processes for discovering and infusing customer intelligence into strategic and operational decision-making.

Today, there are many ways to gather feedback from customers and to measure customer experience. What might be an effective “listening architecture” for your organization? Once an architecture is in place, the next challenge – and a very common one for organizations – is taking action based on feedback. How can insights be distilled and made visible to the organization in such a way as to make them compelling? How should action planning happen, progress on initiatives be tracked and results measured? The presentations and discussions at this session will focus on these questions – primarily with respect to customer experience feedback collected during and after customer service interactions (vs. periodic brand or product experience studies/feedback).

If you are in a customer experience measurement, customer insights, or similar role – whether at a company that sells B2B or B2C, please join us for this forum at which you’ll have the opportunity to learn about and compare approaches with fellow practitioners at other UWEBC member companies. We'll start the day by learning the perspectives and approaches of three organizations. First, we'll hear from Walker Information, a leading CX strategy and implementation advisory firm (with a focus on B2B clients, but also work with B2C companies), who will share their view on effective practices for CX measurement and response methods. Then, two UWEBC member companies – NeuGen (WEA Trust) and WEC Energy Group – will discuss their approaches and lessons learned. Following the presentations, the remainder of our time together will be devoted to experience and practice-sharing discussions in smaller groups around angles of the CX measurement and actioning theme of particular interest to the participants in the room. Please join us for an informative and interactive day!

Participate in Customizing the Agenda: You’ll have the opportunity to play an active part in shaping the agenda for this session – and to maximize its relevance for you – by suggesting and selecting topics for break-out discussions. Once the agenda is complete, you choose the discussions you want to join. This will be a highly interactive session so come prepared to share your questions, challenges and insights!

Webcast Available: If you can't make it to the event in-person (or if in-person registration has reached capacity), you can still register to attend from your computer. This option allows you to view the presentations, while attending in person provides you with the opportunity to participate in break-out discussions, ask questions or take advantage of networking opportunities. To attend the webcast, click the "Register for webcast" button on this meeting's homepage. You will receive a confirmation email with the link to the webcast a week before the meeting.

Agenda Items:
9:00 AM Welcome, Opening Remarks and Plan for the Day (webcast available)
9:30 AM SME Insight: Walker Information (webcast available)
  Patrick Gibbons – Principal & SVP, Marketing
10:15 AM Member Practice Spotlight: WEC Energy Group (webcast available)
  Michelle Mattson – Director, Customer Experience & Digital Services
10:45 AM Break (not webcast)
10:55 AM Member Practice Spotlight: NeuGen (webcast available)
  Anita Ashland – Customer Experience Analyst
Devin Sween – Manager, Customer Service Training & Quality Assurance
11:25 AM Develop Agenda for Afternoon Breakout Discussions (not webcast)
11:55 AM Lunch (not webcast)
12:45 PM Breakout Discussion Instructions (not webcast)
12:55 PM Breakout Discussions – Segment 1 (not webcast)
1:35 PM Breakout Discussions – Segment 2 (not webcast)
2:15 PM Breakout Discussions – Segment 3 (not webcast)
2:50 PM Wrap-up (not webcast)
3:00 PM Adjourn
Gordon Dining and Event Center, Second Floor 
Events Team, 608-890-1406, 


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