Contact Center Workforce Management Special Interest Group 

Kickoff Meeting 
February 07, 2018 09:00 AM - 03:00 PM 
Meet fellow participants in the group, learn how other organizations have structured their workforce management functions and contribute your ideas for topics to be discussed at future sessions. 

Forecasting work volumes, determining staffing requirements, creating and adjusting staff schedules and continuously monitoring a range of related performance indicators – collectively referred to as Workforce Management (WFM) – are among the most important planning and management activities in a contact center and are essential to achieving cost and service level objectives. This SIG is a forum for those with operational responsibility for WFM functions in their contact centers to discuss and compare strategies and practices. The goals of this SIG are to:

  1. To provide a forum for participants to discuss topics of interest related to contact center forecasting, planning and scheduling.
  2. To enable participants to glean ideas for improving/enhancing their organizations’ workforce management outcomes by learning about the effective strategies, practices, and processes utilized by other members of the group.

Please join us for this important first meeting of the UWEBC’s new Contact Center Workforce Management Special Interest Group at which we will talk about plans for the SIG, get to know fellow participants and develop a list of potential future agenda topics for the group through sharing and discussion of WFM issues, challenges and aspects of interest.

Who Should Attend: Participation in this SIG is by invitation only and is limited to those with operational responsibility for contact center workforce management (WFM) or - in organizations where WFM component activities are split among specialized teams - those with responsibility for volume forecasting, capacity planning, or staff scheduling. All participants are required to register. To learn more about the Contact Center Workforce Management SIG or to register, please contact Roger Paulson

Agenda Items:
9:00 AM Preliminaries and Plan for the Day
9:15 AM Vision and Plan for the SIG
9:30 AM Meet Fellow Participants
10:35 AM WFM Profile of Organizations in the Group
10:45 AM Break
11:00 AM Perspectives on WFM's Role, Scope and Structure
11:30 AM Lunch
12:30 PM Small Group Discussion: WFM Issues, Challenges and Topics of Interest
1:30 PM Break
1:45 PM Develop List of Potential Topics for Future Sessions
2:30 PM Share Thoughts re: Structure/Format of SIG Sessions
2:45 PM Closing Remarks and Future Meeting Planning
3:00 PM Adjourn
Pyle Center 
Location Address:
Betsy Golomski, 608-262-1145, 

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