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The Future of Contact Centers Special Interest Group Virtual Meeting 

Agent Assist: Hype or Necessity 
April 14, 2023 09:00 AM - 11:00 AM 
Participate in a discussion-driven breakdown of one of the contact centers' most hyped new tools, to determine if this is something that could benefit your contact center and what steps you can take to get closer to that future you imagine. 

Real-Time Agent Assistants are the hottest new application of AI in the Contact Center space. Their goal is to provide everything your agent needs, to be successful. Knowledge Management article suggestion, suggested replies based on the customers tone, language and request, or even tracking compliance statements, alerting the agent if there is one additional statement they have yet to share.

Are all of these tools the same? How do they integrate with tools I'm currently using? What do I need, to prepare my organization to successfully leverage these tools? What are some of the concerns about these tools? We'll discuss all of these and many more facets of this horizonal topic.

Come join us to hear and learn from the experiences of others, and share the experiences and thoughts you have on the topic. Starting with an aligned vision of what Agent Assist Tools are and some common values therein, we will then use a combination of small group discussion and large group idea sharing to create actionable steps we can take back to our own organizations to get one step closer to our unique goals.

Who Should Attend?: Participation in this Special Interest Group is encouraged for any contact center practitioners within our member organizations who are comfortable wading through the ambiguity of what could be to have the best chance of being prepared for it. All participants are required to register. To learn more about this SIG please contact Matthew Cone.

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