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  • Who are the practice directors for each of the practice areas and how do I get in touch with them? Customer Service Practice Director: Matthew Cone, 608-263-0635
    Information Technology Practice Director: Heidi Rozmiarek, 608-890-1291
    Supply Chain Management Practice Director: Jenny Patzlaff, 608-890-1298
  • How can I access the members-only content on your website? Click "Sign In" in the red bar at the top of the website, and enter your username and password. If you don't have a UWEBC web account, click "Create a UWEBC web account" and then enter your username and password.
  • How do I create a username and password? 1. Click "Sign In" in the red bar at the top of the website.
    2. Click "Create a UWEBC web account."
    3. Follow the instructions, making sure you select your company from the dropdown menu.
    4. You will receive a confirmation email to complete setting up your account.
  • Is anyone in my company able to participate? Yes. When your company joins, anyone from your company can participate in any UWEBC offering. Peer Group content is aimed at the senior practitioner to director level.
  • How do I know who sponsors the UWEBC membership at my company? Sign in and click "My Account" in the top red bar. Your company's primary liaison with the UWEBC will appear in the blue box in the upper-right of the page.
  • What's the process for doing a project with the UWEBC? Contact the Practice Director of the relevant practice area for a Faculty/Staff Project. Contact Dr. Raj Veeramani for a Student-Team Project. Access project-report executive summaries»
  • I want to contact someone from another member company whose name I can't remember. How can I do that? Contact the Practice Director of the relevant practice area or Beth de Garcia.
  • What if I want to contact another company, but I'm not sure who I should talk to? If you wish to undertake a Member-to-Member Collaboration (M2M), we ask that you fill out the M2M form and submit it to the Practice Director of the relevant practice area. He or she will then seek permission from the most appropriate companies and make introductions.
  • I'm having problems finding some information on the website. Whom should I contact? Contact Marketing Specialist Taryn Johnson.
  • How do I sign up to receive information about a specific Peer Group's upcoming meetings? There are two ways: 1. Register for a Peer Group meeting. Once you have done that, you will receive meeting announcements for that Peer Group. 2. E-mail the Practice Director of the Peer Group and ask to be added to the list for future meeting announcements.
  • How do I sign up for a meeting? Click either a practice area in the gray nav bar or a meeting that appears in the event calendar at the right of each page. Click "Details and register." Click the Register button. If you are signed in, your registration will be complete. If you are not signed in, you can do so and then register for the meeting.
  • What if the meeting is full already? We will try to move the meeting to a larger room. If that is impossible, we will notify you that you are on a waiting list.
  • How do I find out if other people from my company are going to the same meeting? Once you sign in, the event page will display others from your company registered to attend.
  • Can I get credit for the meetings I've attended? Yes, we track meeting attendance and offer CEU credits. Contact Beth de Garcia for more information.
  • What if I'd like to present at a meeting? How do I go about that? Contact the Practice Director of the relevant practice area to discuss your interest in presenting.
  • I'm an IT person, but sometimes I see meetings in the Marketing Peer Group that look really interesting. Can I go to these, too? Yes. Employees of member companies can attend all Peer Group meetings. We encourage cross-pollination of innovative ideas as a core UWEBC value.
  • Is it okay if I bring a friend from another company to a Peer Group meeting? A non-member may attend once as a guest of a member attendee. Please notify us ahead of time by contacting Beth de Garcia, as we will need to print a name tag and table tent.
  • Can UWEBC help me find a new employee or announce a job opening? We do recognize that there are many unfilled jobs out there for people with very specific skillsets, so we do try to be helpful. We at the UWEBC can’t make position postings on behalf of member companies, but we can provide information about various UW resources and career opportunities boards for students and alumni. Contact Beth de Garcia for more information.
  • I need technical help with a webinar or webcast. Where can I find resources?If you are watching a live webcast (streaming video of an ongoing meeting), please visit the webcast help support page. If you are watching a webinar (online meeting with no in-person participants), please visit the webinar help support page.

Quick Contacts

Executive Director: Dr. Raj Veeramani, raj.veeramani@uwebc.wisc.edu, 608-262-0861

Director: Doug Barton, doug.barton@uwebc.wisc.edu,

Membership and Corporate Sales Director: Beth de Garcia, beth.degarcia@uwebc.wisc.edu,

Director, Practice Area Development: Roger Paulson, roger.paulson@uwebc.wisc.edu, 608-261-1161

Customer Service Practice Director: Matthew Cone, matthew.cone@uwebc.wisc.edu, 608-263-0635

Information Technology Practice Director: Heidi Rozmiarek, heidi.rozmiarek@uwebc.wisc.edu,

Supply Chain Practice Director: Jenny Patzlaff, jenny.patzlaff@uwebc.wisc.edu,

Events Coordinator: Pema Bhutia, pema.bhutia@uwebc.wisc.edu, 608-262-5566

Marketing Specialist: Taryn Johnson, taryn.johnson@uwebc.wisc.edu, 608-262-1476

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