Healthcare Collaborative—a new model of cooperation.

The Healthcare Collaborative (HCC) brings together hospitals, providers, and UW-Madison to develop and complete projects advancing RFID technology and benefits in the healthcare industry. Below are two projects the HCC is currently working on.

Federally-funded collaborative research program led by UW-Madison's Center for Health Enhancement Systems Studies

RFID in Transfusion Medicine Supply Chain

Mobile Asset Tracking (MAT)

  • Scope centers on key assets for patient-care services, including capital-intense mobile equipment, critical-care mobile devices and a preliminary assessment of extending use to surgical instruments
  • Participants include 3 U.S. hospitals and 1 academic supporter
  • Aims include reducing capital investment, improving caregiver service, reducing equipment losses and reducing regulatory non-compliance risk

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UW RFID Lab Key Competencies

  • RFID strategy design, justification and process reengineering
  • Rigorous methodologies
  • Multi-discipline faculty involvement
  • Extensive experience leading complex, multi-company projects and workgroups
  • Expertise in RFID application in many industries
  • Multi-frequency, multi-standard
  • State-of-the-art testbeds
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