The UW RFID Lab supports research by members of the UW RFID Workgroup and serves as a resource for other companies.

Issues we’re currently addressing

  • Compiling best-practice packaging-design guidelines based on the RFID system-performance effects of a product’s contents, packaging and media on readadability (single tag, multi-tag) and writeability.
  • Researching methods of overcoming the effects of external environmental conditions on RFID system performance.
  • Improving individual RFID system components — such as tag design, reader design and network/data/software architecture.
  • Using simulation models to determine how RFID can transform business and supply chain processes.

Alfonso GutierrezQuestions about the UW RFID Lab?
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UW RFID Lab Key Competencies

  • RFID strategy design, justification and process reengineering
  • Rigorous methodologies
  • Multi-discipline faculty involvement
  • Extensive experience leading complex, multi-company projects and workgroups
  • Expertise in RFID application in many industries
  • Multi-frequency, multi-standard
  • State-of-the-art testbeds
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