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December 6, 2011

So you have web analytics ... now what?

Kyle HendersonKyle Henderson UWEBC Communications Director

We asked participants in our Web & Multichannel Marketing Peer Group to answer a few questions about SEO at their companies. Respondents' top answers to two questions told the latest version of an old story: Gathering data is easy; taking action, not so much.

What's your biggest SEO challenge? 45% of you answered, "taking action on the data you gather."

What are your top SEO initiatives? 83% of you selected these two: "acting on SEO data to improve site performance" and "making business decisions driven by analytics."

I see a pattern.

Gathering data is relatively easy. Turning data into information that leads to informed decisions is the tough part. Numbers tell us what's happening, but they don't tell us what to do. That's where the wisdom of experienced peers can really help. Peer-to-peer learning in an established practice community provides experienced and expert strategies of action.

At a recent Web & Multichannel Marketing Peer Group meeting, member companies Clifton Gunderson and TDS Telecom shared web-optimization cases chock full of actions proven to work. And a subject-matter expert from Enlighten shared effective strategies of boutique online retailer Gilt Groupe, which uses analytics to drive action engaging 1 million shoppers per month.

If you're part of a UWEBC member company, access the meeting's presentations and full survey results. Get experienced and expert strategies of action relevant to your top SEO challenges and initiatives.

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