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December 6, 2011

UWEBC member companies get free access to powerful supply chain benchmarking database

Roger PaulsonRoger Paulson UWEBC Practice Director

BENCHMARKING WITH OTHER ORGANIZATIONS on supply chain performance metrics and practices is something most companies are very interested in doing. But finding a source for this information is a consistent challenge for many. I know this because I am frequently asked about good sources of benchmarking data by supply chain pros at UWEBC member companies.

To help our members address this business challenge, the UWEBC has partnered with the Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium to provide UWEBC members with free access to the Tompkins Supply Chain Benchmarking and Best Practices Database (access descriptive PDF from Tompkins).

This outstanding resource contains data on more than 200 performance metrics and more than 5500 specific practices across 11 functional areas ranging from supply chain planning to logistics, contributed by more than 500 companies from a wide spectrum of industries. Queries can be performed on specific subsets of the data (e.g., only Manufacturers) and compared to your company’s data. Very useful scorecard and dashboard features are also available.

This powerful benchmarking tool is ideally suited to help you identify gaps in your company's supply chain performance and establish improvement goals. Getting started is simple:

  • Go to the database sign-up page.
  • Create an account.
  • Contribute your company's data in whichever supply chain functional areas you choose.
  • Query the database about specific metrics and practices of interest.

We are excited to offer UWEBC member companies access to the Tompkins Supply Chain Benchmarking and Best Practices Database! Register today so that you can start tapping into this treasure trove of information in 2012 — and finally cross "find source of benchmark data" off your to-do list.

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Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium website»
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