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October 6, 2021

Building and Maintaining a Composable E-Commerce Platform

Hannah Van Pay | Marketing and Communications Student Assistant

Slide from September 22 event. Building and Maintaining a Composable E-Commerce Platform The September 22nd IT Peer Group Web Meeting began with two simple questions: what is composable e-commerce and why should we use it?

The first presentation of the morning had Trent Dudei (Software Development Manager at Sentry Insurance) talk about how Sentry leverages a composable architecture to accelerate personalization for both employees and consumers. After discussing their original issue, Dudei went on to explain how Lars Petersen (Co-founder of Uniform) has helped their company improve in a range of ways, from website personalization to working towards a more mobile future. Sentry is now able to focus on the important conversations, like the functionality of their website and creating a positive user experience.

Dudei then handed the presentation over to Lars Petersen himself to discuss how to “future fit” one’s digital platform. Petersen discussed a wide array of topics: from trends we’re seeing in the market, to how to create a platform that works for both IT and marketers. He described three type of personalized website experiences: the default (shows basics the consumer may like), the developer (shows developer track content), and the marketer (shows marketer track content).

Through both presentations there was a consensus around the idea of the composable platform; it gives enterprises the power of choice. Overall, there are endless benefits to a composable platform, but some of the most prevalent include being able to be in the driver’s seat, delivering the fastest personalized experience, and being able to focus on value-generation instead of expensive re-platform projects.

View the full meeting video and presentations here (member sign-on is required).

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