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January 5, 2022

A Look Around the Corner: IT Trends for 2022

Hannah Van Pay | Marketing and Communications Student Assistant

Speakers at IT event on December 6 in person In the December 6 Information Technology Peer Group Meeting, participants captured a glimpse of the upcoming year in technology trends, enabling the propulsion of businesses to new heights in 2022. Whether it be accelerating growth, sculpting change or engineering trust, 2022 is sure to be an innovative year for our member companies. This event was also our second this year that had both an in-person and virtual aspect, catering to the needs of each participant.

Focusing on the most important elements to success, speakers Douglas Laney (Innovation Fellow, West Monroe), Shawn Belling (Chief Information Officer, Madison College), and Gustav Toppenberg (Founder & Principal Consultant, Janus Insights) shared their insights on effective remote leadership, utilizing data as an asset, and the relationship between technology and business.

One of the biggest takeaways from this session was each speakers’ key insights into the future of IT. Douglas Laney, author of Infonomics, explained his take on treating data as an actual asset. Managing and measuring data can generate important value streams from the available data sets, which in turn can help companies to understand and take advantage of information for future use. Understanding potential through data sets can give your company an advantage in these unique and ever-changing times. Finding potential in your company and its employees can also be done through understanding the future of remote work.

Shawn Belling, author of Remotely Possible, explained the key lessons learned from remote work that should guide companies in the future: remote work means hiring the best people and giving people the opportunity to work and live where they want. Another key to understanding IT trends for the future is better understanding technology trends, as they go hand-in-hand with one another.

Toppenberg gave us a live look into the digital transformation lab. The lessons learned from using data, remote work, and technology will propel companies for years to come.

Each speaker discussed a diverse array of topics in their presentations. With remote work being here to stay, the future of IT is bright. Companies continue to sculpt innovation in this ever-changing world, but as practices change, companies and employees remain more connected than ever, learning from one another each and every day.

View the full meeting video and presentations here (member sign-on is required).

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