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April 30, 2020

Getting to Know Doug Barton, New UWEBC Director

Nicole Lipp | UWEBC Marketing & Communications Specialist

Doug BartonAs our members continue to expand into new frontiers, the UW E-Business Consortium (UWEBC) is also looking to take ourselves to the next level with the addition of Doug Barton.

In the newly created position as the UWEBC Director, Doug will be leading our staff in implementing strategies to achieve operational excellence and oversee new growth initiatives and expanded offerings to the industry.

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, Doug brings more than 30 years of experience in senior leadership positions at companies such as UBIX.AI and IBM.

With a diverse background working with and leading mission-driven companies, Doug understands the challenges and key initiatives UWEBC members are working through.

“As a functional executive and c-suite leader myself, I appreciate what it takes to lead and what it’s like to follow,” Doug said. “What sticks with me is how rare and fragile change, improvement and innovation is. It is uncommon but not mysterious. It requires dissatisfaction with the way it’s going, vision for something better and reliable first steps. Otherwise, resistance wins.”

In fact, Doug’s enthusiasm for innovation and the transfer of business best practices drew him to this position.

“I believe every enterprise and every leader can innovate, and we can do that better and faster together than we can separately,” Doug said. “The very essence of the UWEBC is its collaborative, non-commercial and cross-industry model. We sit at the intersection of our world-class academic and research university and industry, helping converge, operationalize and scale emerging technology with proven practices and organizational capability development. It allows every one of our member companies to be as good as all of us together.”

While Doug is joining the UWEBC during unprecedented times, he sees this as an opportunity to help our members now more than ever.

“Today, COVID-19 is a global humanitarian crisis, evolving at extraordinary speed and scale. This is a time where the stakes are high, and a learning community can do better together than member companies can do separately,” Doug said. “UWEBC member companies have always benefited from peer-to-peer collaboration and learning what actions and strategies other members are using to cope with current, on-the-ground realities. It’s never been more important or beneficial to be a part of the UWEBC.”

Overall, Doug is looking forward to connecting with our members and discovering ways the UWEBC can better serve you in this ever-changing landscape.

“The UWEBC is proud of its service and legacy. And we are clear that the context of our contribution is always changing,” Doug said. “You have our ongoing commitment to stay curious, connected and dedicated so that we may be a remarkable contribution to you, your organization and our world.”

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