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November 28, 2016

A Fond Farewell: Thanks to Sandra Bradley, the UWEBC's Marketing Practice Director

Lori Wilson | UWEBC Marketing & Communications Manager

After 10 years of innovative leadership, Sandra Bradley, the UWEBC’s Marketing Practice Director, is leaving the consortium December 29.

Sandra has been on the forefront of many of the consortium’s advancements. From live webcasting meetings to testing Open Space break-out sessions, Sandra has embraced new technologies and methods for peer-to-peer learning. “Through the years, I have always been able to depend on Sandra’s entrepreneurial spirit,” said Professor Raj Veeramani, UWEBC Founder and Executive Director. “Whether we were brainstorming ways to improve the member experience or pioneering a new tactic, Sandra has always been an eager early adopter. This has benefited her Peer Groups, as well as the consortium overall.”

Sandra said her time with the UWEBC has helped to hone her appreciation of collaborative learning, which she plans to continue to foster.

“I think the spirit of lifelong learning is integral to what our members are doing, which is great,” said Sandra. “The special part of this group is its strong collegiality and desire to work together.”

As a former executive, co-founder and strategist at area marketing firms, Sandra brought an already deep background in digital marketing strategy when she started at the consortium in 2006. Since then, she has blended her thought leadership with her love of learning to create high-caliber events for the UWEBC’s members.

“Sandra has a knack for poking and prodding on an issue to extract valuable insights on everything from routine issues to long term strategy,” said Steve Moon, Web Marketing Manager of Integrated Marketing Solutions at Colony Brands. “Her successful leadership of the marketing group and UWEBC has made our internet department more knowledgeable and well-rounded.”

In her role as Practice Director, Sandra has excelled at creating and fostering strong relationships between executives at member companies.

“One of my proudest accomplishments is not just being a part of, but being integral to building a unique community with purpose,” said Sandra. “Building a community of marketing minds from some of the best Wisconsin companies so they can come together to share learning and benchmarks has been a highlight.”

Adrienne Hartman, Director of E-Commerce, Government Markets & Customer Insights of J.J. Keller & Associates, has reaped the benefits of these communities.

“Under her guidance, the E-Merchant Peer Group has grown to be a very close-knit group of professionals who have come to rely on each other — and Sandra — for advice, guidance and support,” said Adrienne. “When I speak with others about my love of the UWEBC, I’m really thinking about this particular Peer Group, which has been carefully cultivated by Sandra over the past 10 years.”

Sandra’s years at the UWEBC have continued a trajectory she traces through her entire career: Put yourself out there, and things will happen.

“If you are aware of and leave yourself open to opportunities, you will grow tremendously,” said Sandra. “Even if you don’t know how to do something, trying it leads to the most interesting opportunities.”

Thank you, Sandra, for a decade of service to the UWEBC and its members!

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